Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Send SMS from Java. A Java Sms Gateway for Oracle & SQL Server

Hi folks :)
Me again with a great application.

Here it is a stand alone java application which supports Oracle/SQL Server database connectivity to fetch text messages and send it to desired number through your USB connected gsm devices.


  • Auto loads all USB connected mobile phones in java application
  • Supported Mobiles : Nokia, Sony Ericson, Samsung, Motorola and LG 
  • Connects to Oracle or SQL Server through JDBC at runtime
  • Only a single table required to save all text messages with mobile numbers
  • Auto loads GSM operator from cell phone
  • Once this application is stared, it auto loads text messages after every 5 seconds from Oracle or SQL Server databases
  • Works on java thread mechanism, consumes very low amount of memory
  • Developed on RXTX free open source library instead of java communication API (comm.jar)
  • Auto rejects incoming call during sending sms
  • Plug n play application, No additional configuration required, runs from a browser through JNLP 
  • Send unlimited bulk sms to any network around the world

  • Only JRE 6 or higher is required



    hi qamar would u please give the reference link of the application for more detail.

    Qamar Abbas said...

    Well it is simple java application, all you need to do is to put any gsm mobile phone in your system using pc suite driver or whatever the driver for the mobile phone, insert some records in database table (Oracle or SQL Server) and GO.... start sending your messages to any number.

    rashid1891 said...

    Like me if you have a droid and access to Wi-Fi , you can install a SIP client and make voice / video call using the Wi-Fi. SIP client installed on phone makes the phone act as SIP phone.

    November 21, 2010 8:08 PM

    Sajjad said...

    where is the download link i mean from where to download this application.

    Qamar Abbas said...

    Sorry this is not a free application, you have to buy it if you want use this application.

    Muhammad Abdul Halim said...

    hi QAMAR , nice to meet you.
    How can i test it. before order ?

    Muhammad Abdul Halim

    digital signature software said...

    Wow! This is great news. I wasn't aware of this thing. Now we can send SMS from Java. The technology is moving very fast. The screenshot helped a lot in understanding the method. Is there any direct link to download this service online?

    Muhammad Pasha said...

    Hi Qamar,

    Would you share the information, I want to buy this product.


    Anonymous said...

    Hi Qamar,

    Would you send me your contact number or email address so that I can contact you soon.


    Qamar Abbas said...

    Hi Muhammad,

    Contact me on this email: kamarsyed@gmail.com

    Amar Sms said...
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